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How it Works:
 - Crews are hand Selected and must be approved by the Grand Prix Race Master (If you are up for the challenge then contact Jonty @ 0828559435) - Note - Due to the nature of this corridor flying you will need to have flown the track under supervision and be approved by the current Grand Prix Racers - Current Approved GP Racers (Approved 2021) are:

Dane Laing

Leon Joubert

Sandi Goddard

Eugene v Staden

Manaf Mubrak

John Sayers

Jack Coetzer
Johan v Eeden

Cor Esterhuizen

Simon Abbott

Rhett Shillaw

Jonty Esser (Race Master) 

 - The track/corridor is designed to keep the aircraft in the view of the airfield - tight turns at max 3g
 - The track/corridor can only accommodate 7 GP Racers at one time - in the event that there are more than 7 a knock out heat race will determine the final heat/race of the GP Racers

 - The GP race is fast paced and all aircraft must fly the track/corridor at a minimum speed of 135 knots average

 - The tracks are in a figure of 8 therefore the Runway direction may not be flown above 300'AGL and the Cross over not Lower than 500'AGL

 - The GP Racers must at all time conform to the current published ANRs'
 - The Idea is to optimize your flight to stay in the track/corridor

 - The Handicap speed will be determined with a flight/video (Cockpit View) of the track doing 6 laps at maximum speed and the best time is used for the handicap.

 - The GP Racers Take off time will be published as soon at the Handicap has been calculated. 

 - Single seat aircraft are allowed - in the event of a side by side 2 seater the aircraft should be flown with a Navigator.

 - After the Heat the tracks are downloaded and check for penalties and the price giving is 30min after the Final heat.

See the WItbank Track 2021 Below

WITBANK - Aircraft Unlimited GP 2021 -Tr
New Grand Prix Event
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Speed Rally Grand Prix – Newsflash


As the Creator and Race Master (Jonty Esser) together with SAPFA and the ANR (Air Navigation Race corridor navigation) concept as the basis of this new exciting and competitive discipline I am proud to announce that the concept has proven to be in its inception a huge success.

My vision is to create a competitive platform for the Selected Grand Prix Racers as well as create an enthusiastic following of spectators comprised of the general aviation (Aeroclub of South Africa members and all their Sub sections – SAC  South African Aerobatics Club, Airshow South Africa etc.), motor sports enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts, general aviation enthusiasts (Our own Speedsters) and anyone who enjoys routing for a selected favourite team. 

The rules are Simple:
Be Safe (therefore only the best of the best crews are selected – Speed Rally top 20 - Aerobatic rated Pilots – PTAR top 20 – Air Show Display rated Pilots and crews that have complied with and have practiced and completed a training seminar)
Stay in the course.
Fly Fast – First over the line wins


Lap Distance15,4

FAWI- Witbank

Race End Time14:00:00

1st Place -  Fast Flame Johan van Eerden Gavin Edwards RV7 ZU-IHH

2nd place - Kempton Flying Club Jack Coetzer John Sayers Harvad ZU-WSE

3rd Place - SAPFA - Dane Laing Wade Laing RV6 ZU-BMU

4th Place - Prompt Roofing Leon Joubert Franz Smit Lancair ES ZU-LNC

5th Place - Lick Your Lips David Ross James Braid Sling 2 IS ZU-JAR

6th Place - Airshows South Africa Ivan van der Scar Jandre van der Scar Piper C140 ZS-SVR

7th Place - SAPFA Charles Fuller Enzo Fuller Alouette 3 ZU-RAR 

DNF - Pilot Insure Jonty Esser Jonathan Esser C150 C ZU-BLL


We appreciate your SUPPORT and will dedicate integrity and safe competitive flying!

WILL SEE YOU in Witbank at the end of January the 31st and 1st of February 2020

Come meet your favorite Grand Prix Team and support team while then take part in this Exclusive Exciting Fast Paced Adrenaline infused Grand Prix Speed Rally.

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