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How it Works:
 - Crews are hand Selected and must be approved by the Grand Prix Race Master (If you are up for the challenge then contact Jonty @ 0828559435) - Note - Due to the nature of this corridor flying you will need to have flown the track under supervision and be approved by the current Grand Prix Racers - Current Approved GP Racers (Approved 2021) are:

Dane Laing

Leon Joubert

Sandi Goddard

Eugene v Staden

Manaf Mubrak

John Sayers

Jack Coetzer
Johan v Eeden

Cor Esterhuizen

Simon Abbott

Rhett Shillaw

Jonty Esser (Race Master) 

 - The track/corridor is designed to keep the aircraft in the view of the airfield - tight turns at max 3g
 - The track/corridor can only accommodate 7 GP Racers at one time - in the event that there are more than 7 a knock out heat race will determine the final heat/race of the GP Racers

 - The GP race is fast paced and all aircraft must fly the track/corridor at a minimum speed of 135 knots average

 - The tracks are in a figure of 8 therefore the Runway direction may not be flown above 300'AGL and the Cross over not Lower than 500'AGL

 - The GP Racers must at all time conform to the current published ANRs'
 - The Idea is to optimize your flight to stay in the track/corridor

 - The Handicap speed will be determined with a flight/video (Cockpit View) of the track doing 6 laps at maximum speed and the best time is used for the handicap.

 - The GP Racers Take off time will be published as soon at the Handicap has been calculated. 

 - Single seat aircraft are allowed - in the event of a side by side 2 seater the aircraft should be flown with a Navigator.

 - After the Heat the tracks are downloaded and check for penalties and the price giving is 30min after the Final heat.

See the WItbank Track 2021 Below

WITBANK - Aircraft Unlimited GP 2021 -Tr